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Our boutique will be opening back up on 17th May 2021 following government guidance.

Our appointment book is back open so contact us today for secure your booking!

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How are you able to keep the cost of the dresses so low?

We are able to keep the costs low because we sell ‘off the peg’. This means that we don’t alter the dresses, we don’t order them in and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Sometimes the designs might be a few seasons out of date, but it doesn’t mean they are any the less beautiful!

Do we hold the dresses with deposits?

No, we don’t keep dresses by and we do not accept deposits. This is because the dresses are already so reasonable priced and we do not provide alterations.

Can we recommend someone who does do alterations or provides other services?

We pride ourselves on working with local suppliers and have worked with and know many great suppliers in the wedding industry, and we would be happy to share some names with you, should you ask.

What sizes do you stock?

Generally, we have sizes between UK6- UK20. However, this may change ever so slightly, as we are off the peg.

What are the prices of your dresses and accessories?

Our dresses start at £99, but these are few and far between! Most are around the £300-£400 mark but never more expensive than £600. Accessories begin at £5 and we stock belts, tiaras and veils.

Can I take photos?

Absolutely! We have no worries about you taking photos. We know it is important to reflect on the dresses you would have tried on to help you make an informed decision.

How will I know if I have found the one?

Only you will know how you feel. For some brides they know right away (as it was for Rowena), for others it might be a harder decision (as it was for Ellie!). People may have opinions to share and this can be helpful, but also confusing! So, we always recommend that you base your decision on how you feel in the dress. If you are stuck between two dresses or more, walk away and sleep on it.